Job Name

Jefferson Proving Grounds – Fence & Sign Repair

Job Status



Starlight - ENET JV LLC


United States Army Corp of Engineers


High Security – Federal & Military

Project Valuation

$4 mil +

Description of Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Allied was contracted to replace approximately 39 miles of perimeter fence and signage at Jefferson Proving Grounds, a former munitions testing sight for the US military, in Madison Indiana.  The scope of the project includes replacing existing galvanized chain-link fence, top rail, barbed wire and removing and replacing damaged fence posts.  Excavation work is performed by a sub-contractor and minor grading is required in areas of severe erosion.  The Proving Grounds area is managed by the National Wildlife Refuge System and now known as Big Oakes Wildlife Refuge.  The property is used for public wildlife retreats, hunting and fishing.  Although the work performed doesn’t fall within the former weapons testing zone, there’s still a threat of running into UXO (unexploded ordinance). A certified UXO safety expert is required to approve any digging, and probe the work areas looking for UXO.  Allied is on target to be complete this job by January 2017.   

JPG (2015 - 2017)