Job Name

Energy Substation(s) - Pennsylvania

Job Status

In Progress




Pittsburgh based Energy Company


High Security – Power Utility

Project Valuation

$2.5 mil+

Description of Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Allied was contracted to install a high security perimeter fence for electrical substation(s) in Pittsburgh PA.  This project includes the installation of 2,300 lineal feet of Beta Fence, Guardian 5000, high-security fence with Louver Mesh security panels.  The fence is 14 feet tall, with 16" of anti-dig mesh buried in the ground.  The main entrance will be fitted with a 24' wide cantilever slide gate, manufactured by Basteel Perimeter Systems. The gate is engineered to carry the weight of the louvered product as well as handle the wind loads from the opaque filler panels.  Protecting the main entrance is a HySecurity M50 cash rated barrier arm gate.  This modular steel fencing structure and gates are designed to protect the substation and also comply with CIP standards for the physical security at substations.